Sintered Metal Parts
Unmatched Flexibility in
Structural Characteristics
Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
Unequalled Shape Flexibility for
Small Complex Metal Parts

Sintered Structural Parts

Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Net shape metal forming process
Drastically reduced (if any) secondary machining operations
Rapid and low-cost mass production of precision parts
High dimensional accuracy, repeatability and reliability
Excellent surface finish
Tailored and isotropic mechanical properties
Ability for dissimilar or composite materials
Material saving by high raw material utilization (close to 100%)
Self lubricating properties by infiltration or solid-state lubricants

Design flexibility from plastic molding
Isotropic fine-grained material structure
Material flexibility
High density (95-98%)
Outstanding material properties
Excellent surface quality
Electrostatic plating without prior impregnation
Parts between 0.5g and 50g in weight
High dimensional accuracy
Highly economic multi-cavity process

Powdered Metal Forged Parts
High Performance Precision Components

Powder Forged Parts

High strength – low weight design
Less machining offers high dimensional accuracy
Directionally independent properties through isotropic material structure
Increased precision and tight tolerances
Excellent surface finish and reduced burr waste
Improved machinability versus conventional steel forged processes
Consistent heat treatment results


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